‘Leadership, Self-talk and Childhood Story’

In this personal declaration to himself, we hear the self-talk of a leader who is working on changing the impact his childhood story still has on his leadership when he is under pressure.

“You have carried these harsh and punishing narratives about yourself all of your life.



I see what they do to you and I hate the harm you experience.

We know where they come from…..

that little boy, he did not do anything wrong!

Stop shaming and bullying him!

He was not to blame.

Why won’t you hear this?

Why are you holding on?

What he experienced can never be changed.

Leave him alone, let him be.

Walk on!

The boy will always feel like he failed, love him anyway!”

There are times when being enraged provides the impetus for deep change and personal mastery but only if it is accompanied in equal measure by compassion and empathy for self and others. Both are powerfully embodied in the voice of this leader.