Our Dialogix Model is based on equipping individuals, teams and whole organisations to be autonomous in leading their own behavioural change. This means that whilst we are primarily a consulting and coaching company, training is an integral part of all our work. We offer the programmes listed below as in-house training to equip people in their organisations.

We can equip you with the skills to read behaviour within your organisation and learn how to change behavioural patterns that will maximise personal and organisational performance. By understanding the source of dominant behavioural preferences – both day-to-day and when under pressure – you will gain command of your behaviour in a way which gives you an edge over others.

If you are looking for an Open Programme in Structural Dynamics, we highly recommend Team Catapult who we have selected as our preferred training providers in this field. Their programmes are of the highest standard and their trainers are also experts in Structural Dynamics intervention.

Programme Overview

The Dialogix programme trains participants in the use of Structural Dynamics and Generative Dialogue to make behavioural change happen.

Follow one of our three pathways…

Leading Your Own Behavioural Change

This is for individuals who want to better understand their own and others’ behaviours in order to achieve greater impact and more powerful and productive outcomes in their interactions.
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Becoming an Interventionist

This is for individuals who want to become skilled practitioners able to design and implement individual, team and organisational behavioural change interventions.
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Changing Internal Narratives

This is for individuals who want to change the most influential and stuck internal narratives which impact on behavioural choices and reactivity especially in High Stakes
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Alternatively follow our Leading in High Stakes Programme for individuals – learn more.

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Open Programme

We are very happy to be offering ‘Coaching the Childhood Story’ as an as an Open Programme in 2024/2025 with ICF CCEU credits. This is the training that accompanies Sarah’s book, ‘Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?’. The programme prepares participants to work with behaviours emanating from an individual’s childhood story. Many coaches and leaders alike describe feeling unprepared to engage in this territory, avoid it altogether or enter conversations purely instinctively.

‘Coaching the Childhood Story’ will provide you with a model for embarking on childhood story coaching. It will take you deep into the inner processes of working with the impact of the Story in an appropriate and skilful way. This is an in-depth experiential programme learning how to unearth and work effectively with formative experience in order to enable profound behavioural change and eliminate involuntary shadow behaviour under stress.

It consists of:

  • bMap assessment
  • Dialogix Download Training Film: ‘Reading the Room: Changing the Outcome’
  • 2 x 1-hour pre and post-programme individual coaching sessions
  • 5 consecutive days of training

More about the childhood story

Coaching the Childhood Story16 Sep - 20 Sep 2024£1,950 plus VATRegister

*No previous experience of Structural Dynamics is required for this programme.

What our clients say


could transform stuck patterns of behaviour in groups


believed they had greater behavioural flexibility


had greater insight into their own and others' behaviour