We are global leaders in the art and science of behavioural change. Our consulting and coaching is focused on helping individuals, teams and organisations to excel through being able to read the room behaviourally and change the nature of the discourse that may be impeding their progress. Behavioural assessment allows us to map preferences and patterns, identifying problematic stuck behaviours at particular interfaces. We then design bespoke interventions which help teams and leaders understand these patterns and transform those which hold them back.

The teams we work with develop a common language to speak about their behaviours and are therefore able to name their team and organisational ‘culture’, rapidly. Understanding these behaviours and their impact, means the team can adapt easily to any environment they are placed within or task they are entrusted with. Able to skilfully navigate meetings and conversations, collectively they become more effective and often achieve standards and outcomes which far outreach their initial goal. Rolled out across whole systems, this approach builds high-performing companies and organisations.

What you can expect from us

We combine technology and our expertise to shed light on instant behavioural dynamics in real-time – in the room with you as you work.

We map behavioural dynamics across whole systems or within teams with ease and speed.

We use instant, accessible, behavioural assessments to help individuals understand their own behavioural preferences rapidly.

We design ‘interventions’ to help teams and organisations see and be able to work more effectively with their own dynamics.

We work both instantly – mapping visible dynamics in the room – and at a deeply transformational level – exploring the invisible structures which drive those dynamics.

We work alongside you to skill-build throughout our work so you are equipped to continue without us as soon as possible.

Our Clients

A selections of the companies we've worked with over the last decade

What our clients say


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