Using ‘The Dialogix Model’© we are at the forefront of behavioural change intervention combining Structural Dynamics* and Generative Dialogue. Our Co-owners, Sarah Hill and Tony Melville, are both internationally recognised experts and thought leaders in this field.

Dialogix’s niche is guaranteeing autonomy for our clients, be they leaders or consultants/coaches, as they live and work with the realities of the toughest of behavioural challenges.

We are interventionists who specialise in partnering with others to accelerate substantive individual, team, organisational and systemic behavioural change.

We achieve this through:

  • Direct work ‘in the room’ within client systems
  • Tailored, certified coaching and training in intervention
  • Working alongside other consulting firms with their clients
  • Integrating Structural Dynamics and Generative Dialogue with existing change methodologies as an accelerant for change

*Dr David Kantor’s theory of ‘Structural Dynamics’

Our Beliefs

What we hold dear and guides us in all we do

  • ‘True’ generosity
  • ‘Being’ in relationship
  • The fundamental tenet of autonomy
  • Limitless abundance
  • The belief that possibility exists even though it may not yet be seen
  • Enacting what we espouse: ‘Being the change’
  • Presenting ourselves with poise and ease whilst embracing internal complexity

Sarah Hill

Dr. Sarah Hill, PhD is Co-owner of Dialogix and is based in the UK. Her early career in a range of different sectors formed the basis for the work she does today as a Dialogue Facilitator and Behavioural Dynamics Interventionist. She has led behavioural interventions with individuals, teams and across whole organisations and communities located in the UK, USA, Latin America, Australia and Europe. The focus of this work is on tackling some of the toughest and most demanding behavioural challenges. She has also led the design and development of training in this field that is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Through her experience as a supervisor of coaches and practitioners she has been described as the “consultant’s consultant”.

Sarah coaches CEOs and Senior Leaders from different cultures and countries, within large and small, corporate, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. She is a coach and leader who ‘walks the talk’ and is driven by ethical practice. She believes the potential to reform people’s experience stems from courageous personal action. Developing others to lead powerful and productive conversations lies at the heart of all she does. Her focus is on enabling people to release the power that is intrinsic to leadership, through the ways in which they talk and think together within organisations. Sarah is pragmatic and compassionate in her support and challenge of others in their efforts to create decent and sustainable change. You will see evidence of this in the way her coaching and consulting embodies respect, honesty, integrity and a non-judgmental approach.

Sarah is author of “Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That? A Coaching Guide For Working With Leaders”. Working globally, she is an internationally recognised expert in childhood story work with leaders providing a way for them to do deeper work on the Self. Her ambition as a thought leader is to help leaders recognise that their unresolved childhood stories not only impact themselves but the teams and systems they lead as well. She is also co-Author of “The Tao of Dialogue”, which was published in 2019, has taught at the Said Business School, Oxford University, Harvard Business School and Hult Ashridge Executive Education and has been a visiting Professor at William James College, Boston MA.

Tony Melville

Tony Melville is Co-owner of Dialogix. He coaches individuals and senior leadership teams of large corporate organisations, government and public bodies as well as charitable organisations worldwide. He works globally and has recently been working in the Middle East, Australia, Latin America, USA and in the UK helping CEOs and their organisations identify and transform stuck patterns of behaviour.

Tony began his career in the Police Service, where as a Detective and Hostage Negotiator he first became interested in effective communication in crisis. Later as a Chief Constable in the United Kingdom he led a large organisation through the most challenging circumstances strategically and operationally. His expertise was recognised when he was appointed as the national leader for transformational change across the UK police service, leading organisational change and interacting at a strategic and policy level with Government Ministers, senior officials and corporate contractors. He left the service in 2012 after thirty-four years service.

Tony holds a Master of Arts in Organisational Development from Manchester University and a postgraduate diploma in Criminology from Cambridge. He is a graduate of the United Kingdom Police Strategic Command Course and the UK Prime Minister’s Top Management Programme.

Tony has been recognised for his integrity, humanity and equality, which he brings together with his experience of leading systemic organisational change to support all those he works with.

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