Dialogix have been described by the Theorist, David Kantor, as the Thought Leaders of the future in the field of Structural Dynamics. Thought leadership informs all that we do and is a role that we build into all aspects of the way we work. We are proud to play our part in ensuring the legacy of David’s ideas as well as developing and extending the theory. We do this by taking it into new territory through our practice, writing books and blogs, contributing to research and creating new methods that allow a much broader range of people to access Structural Dynamics and its application.


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In partnership with Human Zoo and a large tech company we have produced a one-hour Download™ film which introduces the core concepts of how to read a room behaviourally and change the nature of the discourse. This has been created utilising animation, annotation and voiceover and the three learning inputs deliver the information in three different formats providing both core knowledge and the context for that knowledge.

Download™ has been designed to address different learning styles. The use of audio and visual mnemonics further aids learning outcome and the animation style is designed to enable better engagement. The pace of modules is quick and surprises people at first but we are dealing with long-term memory and the subconscious mind which processes infinitely faster than short-term memory.

To complement Download™ we are producing a simple self-assessment app that will help people understand their own behavioural preferences and through this awareness continue to improve their communication competency.


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Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?: A Coaching Guide For Working With Leaders

Every leader in the world is shaped by their formative experiences. Whether they are aware of it or not, their earliest memories are influencing the way they show up; how they interact with others and what triggers their greatest reactivity.

Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skillfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leader’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Gaining command of this story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

In this book, Sarah Hill provides a conceptual and practical framework for doing this work with leaders. Through her extensive experience, she takes readers on a journey of discovery about their own coaching model, encouraging them to consider the place and purpose of exploring a leader’s childhood story.

In an overt demonstration of the work coaches must do themselves before working with others in this sphere, Sarah joins others in courageously weaving her own childhood story through these pages, creating a unique tapestry of experience for others to learn from.

Read more about working with the childhood story to support coaches exploring engrained behaviour.

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Intimate exploration of what it gives and takes to work on childhood story

Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That? Companion Podcast

An exciting new Podcast series about our new book ‘Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?’ Join the author Sarah and her son Josh as they explore the content of the book together. Listen now to find out more.

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