Dialogix have been described by the Theorist, David Kantor, as the Thought Leaders of the future in the field of Structural Dynamics. Thought leadership informs all that we do and is a role that we build into all aspects of the way we work. We are proud to play our part in ensuring the legacy of David’s ideas as well as developing and extending the theory. We do this by taking it into new territory through our practice, writing books and blogs, contributing to research and creating new methods that allow a much broader range of people to access Structural Dynamics and its application.


Cutting edge resources to learn and apply new skills

Read the Room – Change the Outcome

Using the latest in learning technology we can now deliver high quality structural dynamics training at scale or into the comfort of your own home.

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bMaps is an interactive behavioural assessment tool, which you can take and view right on your mobile device.

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The latest thinking in behavioural change

Dare To…
The Childhood Story Journal

Dare to… is a personal journal for anyone participating in individual or team childhood story work. It is a collection of images and challenging reflective questions that will support you to extend beyond the initial stages of working on your Story.

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Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?

Sarah wrote ‘Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?’ to provide a conceptual and practical framework for doing childhood story work and facilitate an exploration of the place and purpose of exploring a leader’s childhood story.

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The Tao of Dialogue

Contemporary writers position ‘dialogue’ at the heart of change theory, but what do we mean by ‘dialogue’? The Tao of Dialogue explains through story what dialogue means, and how to leverage dialogic principles in managing relationships within the workplace.

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