Using the latest in learning technology we can now deliver high quality structural dynamics training at scale or into the comfort of your own home. In partnership with learning innovation company Download Learning Ltd we have produced our first one-hour Download™ film which introduces the core concepts of how to read a room behaviourally and change the outcome of the discourse. This is now available for £50 per person by registering below.

Download is a digital learning methodology based upon the neuroscience of how the brain forms long-term memory. The Download modules take the form of videos which deliver information in a specific sequence. The sequencing of the information embeds the knowledge directly into the long-term memory.

This method of learning has a number of benefits. Firstly, it is quick; up to 23 times quicker than traditional learning techniques. Secondly, you acquire more information which in turn leads to better application of the knowledge. And, obviously as the learning is placed directly into the long-term memory you don’t forget it!

Download is based upon world leading, peer reviewed academic and scientific research. We conducted our own pilot with one the world’s largest technology companies using our Structural Dynamics Module called ‘Read the Room – Change the Outcome’ and Download performed as all the research suggested it would. It works!

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