Daring to coach on the past

Have you ever found yourself;

  1. Knowing there’s something more to what is happening at a surface level in the room with the leaders you are coaching but not knowing how to reveal it or work with it?
  2. Not knowing what to do when there is power in the room, the sparks start to fly, the fire begins to burn and the leader you are working with starts lashing out, barking orders, threatening her team and blaming everyone around her for all that is happening in the room?
  3. Sensing there is an invisible reality that is impacting in untold ways – you know it, you feel it, yet you are scared to go toward it?
  4. Admitting to yourself that you may feel lost and ill-equipped to deal with the spiked walls of a leader’s past?
  5. Fearing that the stakes are high enough already so what if the person breaks down or they think you are asking them to ‘do therapy’ when you are not a trained therapist?
  6. Holding a belief that it’s dangerous to enter into the field of the past or that ‘they’ simply won’t want to ‘go there’?
  7. Finding yourself pulled back in time and space where your own history confuses and confounds you?
  8. Coming up against blocks, twists and turns every day in your practice, fearful to look at your ‘self’ broadly and deeply – sensing where these barriers stem from but not knowing how to explore them, not knowing if you even want to explore them?

A critical fracture of separation from our childhood story affects us all in manifold ways and finding a path to reconnect with our unique Story allows us to interact more effectively with the systems that we live and work in.

Being equipped to coach leaders in relation to their high stakes behaviours that emanate from their most formative experiences can move the needle on consulting and coaching practice by expanding our ability to help them shift their consciousness in profound ways.

Childhood story work, which integrates Dialogue and Structural Dynamics, can safely enable leaders to avoid derailment and sabotage as a result of their high stakes reactivity. To find out more about our method for enabling leaders to liberate themselves from the Stories of their past and their accompanying internal narratives so that they can author new, more helpful ones, email: sarah.hill@dialogix.co.uk