Advancing Structural Dynamics in 2020 and Beyond Conference

This September we will be contributing to the world’s first ever global conference about Structural Dynamics. The broad theme is ‘Advancing Structural Dynamics in 2020 and Beyond’, and the conference will be looking at Structural Dynamics from new and different angles using current research and drawing on practical experiences from leading, pre-eminent thought leaders.

The conference is for new and experienced Structural Dynamics practitioners who want to deepen and extend their knowledge and practice. It is also for organisational leaders and executive coaches who have a strong interest in learning more about the approach.

Conference presenters will showcase how Structural Dynamics relates to other dialogic theories and practices such as Psychological Safety and Principles of Dialogue. Conference sessions will provide participants with opportunities to explore the relationship and fit between Structural Dynamics and critical perspectives on Leadership Development, Innovation, Organisational Transformation and Future of Work. Those keen to expand their understanding of Kantor’s model will also hear from global experts talking about advances they have made in key areas ranging from Childhood Story to Structural Traps, Leading in High Stakes and much more.

The conference is also a live tribute to David Kantor, the founder of Structural Dynamics. It is a celebration of not only David’s work but the work of all those who have collaborated with him over many years.

The conference will be held on the 10th and 11th of September 2020 at the Harvard Faculty Club, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

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