Walk on

In the coaching journal, Dare to…., which I created during the first lockdown last year, there is an exercise that invites the reader to write a legacy letter, to walk on. This morning, I found a quiet space in the early morning sunshine and wrote my own letter;

Dearest Sarah, 

You have liberated yourself in wonderful ways from the shame and fear that accompanied the old internal narratives you laid down as a result of your childhood experiences of imperfect love.

Of course, both shame and fear may resurface when you are in high stakes or when you find yourself in certain contexts, which hold memories of pain and suffering. The accompanying feelings may seem overwhelming. You may even believe you are failing in your endeavour to live your new internal narratives. You may question the transformation you have worked so hard to achieve. Be ready when this happens, smile, be kind to yourself and walk on. 

There will always be moments of retrenchment but you have done the work on yourself at such a depth that all will be well as soon as you can get yourself into Bystanding what’s happening in Meaning. You know how to do this!

You have been phenomenally courageous in how you rolled up your sleeves and got on with the sometimes perilous yet powerful and liberating work on yourself. 

Bathe in the inner peace, ease and calm. Dance in the joyous light that comes with that confidence and well-being you have worked so hard to reach inside yourself. 

Continue the work you have begun in supporting others to enter this same territory and walk alongside them. Keep paying it forward. 

What might you say in a legacy letter to yourself that will help you to walk on?


Sarah Hill

Author of ‘Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?’ and ‘Dare to…’